SleekSleeves Sponsors POTS Walk 2016 that Raises over $75,000 to Support Dysautonomia International

May 7th may have been a cool, damp day in Medford Massachusetts, but walkers were fired up to support Dysautonomia International. SleekSleeves was one of several sponsors of the POTS Walk to raise awareness and research funds for POTS, a condition that affects over 1 million Americans. Dysautonomia International is a non-profit aimed at raising research funds and awareness for all forms of dysautonomia, including Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

Dysautonomia International president, Lauren Stiles, noted, "we are thrilled to partner with SleekSleeves to help raise awareness about POTS. Some patients with POTS and other forms of dysautonomia receive treatments through PICC lines. SleekSleeves are a great way to protect your PICC line and look stylish too."

PICC line covers are the most sought-after item in SleekSleeves’ wide range of medical fashion products. New prints and colors are added seasonally to perennial favorites in the PICC Line Cover collection to help wearers Look Good and Feel Better.

Turquoise is the color of POTS and dysautonomia awareness, and SleekSleeves has solid and print PICC line covers availableEnjoy 20% off of your purchase with the code POTS20. 

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