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Since producing our first sleeves in 2012, we’ve known that the magic ingredient in our success is you, our customer. You’ve shared your stories, ideas and feedback with us, and it has shaped our mission to help individuals facing medical challenges to Look Good Feel Better.

While serving hundreds of thousands of wearers across many international borders and creating the medical fashion concept, we at SleekSleeves have continued to learn about your needs. Based on your requests and insights, we are taking a moment to work on a variety of new solutions, while replenishing our long-standing favorites.

We’re eager to share the new SleekSleeves line with you, so please check back for news and add your name and email to our waitlist.

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Gymnast, Cheerleader and All-Star Student Doesn’t Let Diabetes Define Her

Diagnosed at a young age, Taylor doesn’t let diabetes affect her ability to be active and fashionable

Taylor is wearing a SleekSleeves Children's Diabetes Arm Band in Astral to Cover her OmniPod

Manchester, NH, April 24, 2014- According to the Center for Disease Control, diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in children and each year, more than 13,000 youth are diagnosed. For parents and families, having a child with diabetes affects the entire family system, from frequent visits to the pediatrician to daily medication management at school, home and with friends.

Take Taylor Heid, for example. Taylor is an active, 12-year-old, who also has type 1 diabetes. As part of her daily insulin therapy, Taylor wears an intravenous diabetic medical device known to many as an OmniPod, which enables her to maintain a high level of activity.

As a gymnast competing just outside of Pittsburgh, Taylor attends practice at least three times per week while fitting in homework, friends, swimming and cheerleading. Taylor has another way of managing her diagnosis while adding a bit of style to her everyday wardrobe. Enter SleekSleeves. 

When Taylor’s mom, Barbara, contacted SleekSleeves seeking a product to cover Taylor’s OmniPod, “We knew we could help her,” Katie Burke of SleekSleeves said. “With Barbara’s input, we developed sleeves in youth sizes for coverage of OmniPods worn on the arm or thigh.”

Taylor now has sleeves to match her bathing suits, uniforms and everyday outfits. Not only do the colorful fabrics give Taylor style choices, Barbara says, ”The sleeves keep the OmniPod in place and protect the insertion point from sunscreen, gymnastics chalk dust and other contaminants.”

For SleekSleeves, Taylor’s story, among so many others they hear, provides the inspiration behind the entire suite of products and patterns for the company, whose mission has always been to help individuals facing medical challenges to “look good and feel better.” 

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