SleekSleeves Partners with Lauren’s Hope for National Diabetes Awareness Month + World Diabetes Day Giveaway

November is a special time of year for SleekSleeves as we take the time to bring awareness to the diabetes community. Our core mission, to support individuals facing medical challenges  and bring fashion to medical device coverage, has brought us together with the diabetes community. SleekSleeves offers comfortable fashion coverage for both OmniPods and CGM sites.

The continuous stream of inspirational messages we receive from those with diabetes and other chronic conditions is nothing short of spectacular. We’re proud to be a part of the discussion and know that we’re helping those who with medical conditions like diabetes on a daily basis to Look Good and Feel Better. 

The “Get Sleek in Support of Diabetes” collection, which features some of our favorite blue and red patterns, launched on November 1st. 10% of the proceeds from now until November 30th will benefit the American Diabetes Association. We’re proud to support an organization that has brought over 75 years of progress to diabetes education, research, and support.

In addition to the collection, we’re also excited for a special giveaway with our friends from Lauren's Hope, in honor of World Diabetes Day on Saturday, November 14th. The giveaway will start at noon EST on our Facebook page (

We launched the #WearABand initiative in October, which is a movement to highlight ways individuals in the chronic illness community can offer and receive support. From wearing an arm band to help you look good while on your medical journey, or purchasing them for others undergoing treatment, spheres of support are virtually everywhere. Let’s rally together!

We’ll announce 10 winners on Sunday, November 15 at noon. Winners will receive a pattern of their choice from the “Get Sleek in Support of Diabetes” collection, AND a $25 gift certificate to Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry!

This giveaway has concluded. THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared their story with us. A special congratulations to the 10 winners below who will receive a SleekSleeves Arm Band + a $25 gift certificate to Lauren's Hope Medical ID Jewelry! 

Katie Muldoon Moustakas: "I support my son, diagnosed 3 years ago with t1d at age 7. He is the strongest, bravest, most hopeful fighter I know. He loves the comfort and confidence Sleeksleeves has given to him."

Carla Hundley: "I need this for myself to give me the kick to take better care of my Diabetes. Carla from Utah"

Bjay Young: "I would wear it for myself and to make others aware of it and what others have to go through on a daily basis."

Jennifer Andrew: "I support my daughter, Dani, she is so strong! She was dx with T1D at 5 years old and has never complained about shots, site changes, finger pokes, or CGM insertions. She always tells me that it "didn't hurt," even when I can see the pain in her face, just so it doesn't hurt my feelings. Thanks for your product, it's nice to give her something pretty and fun to wear."

Stephanie Jensen: "I would wear it myself in support of my step dad,uncle,grandpa and many others! #wearaband"

Tracy Allen: "For myself and my friend Jamie Parker both type 1 for over 40 years"

Sandra Johnson: "I would wear it for loved ones, my heart goes out to everyone. I lost too many people to it and I want to honor them..."

Laura Folos: "I #wearaband to cover my CGM while I work, because I knock them off. I also support my co worker who is a T1D as well...we have a small "t1d club" where we make sure we're all good. These are INSANELY comfy to wear and I LOVE Them! I know she'll love them too..."

Mimi Hankins: " I would wear it myself. Sometimes, I feel all alone with my diabetes"

Regina Wyrick Privette: " Not to sound selfish but I would #wearaband for myself. I have lost a leg from t1d. I will also wear it to suport all my family members that have it and for the ones I've lost. I don't wish this for anyone in this world and hope that there will one day be a cure. Its a terrible disease to live with and don't wish on any one."


To give everyone a fair opportunity to participate, here are a few guidelines and information about SleekSleeves promotions:

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  • Carla Hundley says...

    November 20, 2015

    How great to see that
    I won! Thank you so much.
    Carla Hundley

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