Fishbellies - Renée Big Fish

Fishbellies - Renée Big Fish Warm those cold feet with a big fishbellie Heated neck wrap with a good book Fishbellies - Renée Big Fish

Cast aside your hot water bottle and bag of frozen peas!

Pamper and soothe achy body parts with Fishbellies 100% cotton, all natural corn bags. Microwave and use as a heated neck wrap or to warm up on a cold night. Perfect post surgery or post workout, for back pain, neck pain, labor pains, arthritis, shoulder pain and sports injuries. Store in freezer and use for migraines, wisdom teeth, boo boos, bug bites, hot flashes or to help reduce swelling. Coordinating fabric on back and tail. Fishbellies are the perfect "get well" gift to cheer your loved one. 29" long x 8.5" wide. Happily made in the U.S.A. Featured in U.S. Health News – Ultimate Gift Guide for Someone With Chronic Illness.

$ 45.00